Applications of satellite images


02 1- Space monitoring of the agricultural production :

  • inventory of the agricultural used areas
  • The rational use monitoring of the lands of agricultural purpose
  • Monitoring of the pasture fields and hayfields
  • Condition monitoring of the crops and forecasting of yields
  • Control of the agricultural insurance and subsidizing of agricultural crops
  • Monitoring of water and forest resources
  • System of the precision agriculture



02 2- In the Oil and gas field :

  • Allows to manage infrastructure and facilities for the void and pipeline planning, design of the oil refineries.
  • To carry out ecological control of the oil fields, pipe corridors and oil refineries, as well as to detect oil spills.
  • To conduct continu’ous control of the companies that are working on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan on extraction, processing and transportation of the minerals.
  • To identify the focus of the illegal mining.
  • To manage infrastructure and facilities for the void and pipeline planning, design of the oil refineries.
  • Mapping of the geological facilities on the shallow marine areas and coastal areas.

    02 3- In the mining sector :

    • To identify the objects of interest and to find optimal locations for the conduction of drilling works by taking into consideration the location of the infrastructure facilities: buildings, roads, pipelines, water and community objects.
    • To control the environmental compliance for the planning and implementation of measures for the control of the air pollution, soil and water.
    • Assess the impact of work on the environment and the ways of work on land remediation in accordance with the government standards.

      02 4- In nuclear energy and production sector :

      • Monitoring of the uranium occurrence development.
      • Monitoring of the nuclear waste disposal.
      • Monitoring of the nuclear energy, production sector, infrastructure.
      • Inspection of the waste disposal of the nuclear production sector and energy utilization.
      • Monitoring of the temperature and energy situation on the nuclear power plant (NPP).
      • Monitoring of the ecological state of the natural resources.