About Us

img_0591-1024x683ECSARS is a Joint Stock Company Established in 2014, Decrees by:

Prime Minister of Arab Republic of Egypt

Ministry of Defense of Arab Republic of Egypt

Ministry of Investment

Headquarters in Egypt, Member of Egyptian National Space Alliance

 National Representatives and Scientific Office for:

  • Roscosmos, Russia State Space Corporation
  • GeoInformation Systems ‘GIS’ Belarussian Space Agency
  •  ‘Gharysh Sapary’ Kazakhstani National Space Agency
  • Scientific Office for Russian Academy of Sciences, inventors of currently operating version Ground Penetrating Radars

Current Capabilities :

Remote Sensing

Space Satellites :

– Geoinformation Database and training specialists

– Digital Elevation Model

– Images processing and geographical analysis

– Time-lapse Analysis

– Resource Management and Control

Ground Penetrating Radars :

– Underground detection up to 400 meters depending on soil type

– Geophysical Image interpretation and analysis center.